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Gameview Studios Brings Dinosaurs to Life with the Launch of Tap Jurassic

1 million park owners downloaded game on iOS in first 10 days

Mountain View, CA – March 16, 2011 – Gameview Studios Inc. (, a leading publisher of mobile social games and a division of DeNA, announced today the launch of Tap Jurassic, a gaming application allowing players to build and manage their very own dinosaur inhabited theme park, complete with Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Pterodactyls and over 40 other prehistoric animals.

Available for free through the Apple App Store and on iTunes, Tap Jurassic was downloaded by more than 1 million users in the first 10 days since its launch, making it Gameview’s fastest growing game ever.   

Some relevant stats in the first 10 days include:

·       Almost 3 million dinosaurs and prehistoric animals were hatched and found
       homes in player’s parks
·       Over 6 million play sessions
·       On average, players logged in 3 times a day to check on their theme parks

Tap Jurassic follows on the heels of Gameview’s Fish in Love, the latest in the widely-successful Tap Fish franchise that recently surpassed 10 million installs and is the largest aquarium-based game on iOS. A social resource-management game, Tap Jurassic gives players their own island theme parks on which to collect and exhibit all sorts of prehistoric animal species. Park owners can attract more visitors and build a thriving theme park by adding new dinosaurs, constructing different types of habitats, and adding special decorations and concession stands.

 “We are proud to bring our distinctive brand of social mobile games to the prehistoric era,” said Riz Virk, CEO of Gameview Studios. “Anyone who’s ever watched the movie Jurassic Park, or loved dinosaurs as a kid will enjoy Tap Jurassic.  We wanted to create a game that would appeal to both kids and adults, so we’re excited to see the user base pick up so quickly.”

As the park owner, players are responsible for feeding their dinosaurs, tending to their attractions, and keeping their parks clean in order to earn coins and level up.  Features to be found along the way include:

·       Breeding.  Players can breed different species of dinosaurs together to create new, unexpected combinations, bringing out their “inner mad scientist.” ·       Some examples include breeding a V-Rex (Velociraptor combined with a Tyrannosaurus Rex) or a S-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex combined with a Stegosaurus).

·       Quests. Players can test their mettle as a park owner, unlocking new exhibits and attractions by completing quests such as picking up trash, watering plants and breeding animals. Claim rewards including a Petting Zoo, Reptile Exhibit, Miniature Steam Train and more.

·       Neighbors.  Players can visit neighbors’ dinosaur parks to see how their attractions stack up.  Players can support each other by helping to maintain each others’ parks.

·       Habitats. In Tap Jurassic, every dinosaur and prehistoric animal live inside unique habitats. Players can construct new habitats such as the Rainforest Habitat, Desert Habitat, Swamp Habitat and many others.

·       Concessions & Decorations.  Players can decorate their theme parks and add concession stands such as Popcorn shops, Dino Candy Stores, Photo Booths, Lamp Posts, Rose Bushes and more.

·       Special and Seasonal Items. Gameview will frequently roll out special, limited-edition animals, habitats and decorations tied to specific holidays or seasons. Current items include a Leprechaun and Shire Habitat in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Tap Jurassic is now available on all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices using iOS 3.0 or later. The game can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or on iTunes at

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About Gameview Studios
Gameview Studios is a leading publisher of free-to-play games for iOS, Android and other mobile platforms. Founded in 2010, Gameview is committed to building high-quality games that are social, engaging and fun for audiences of all ages. The company was acquired in 2010 by Japanese firm DeNA, one of the world’s most successful mobile Internet companies with games and community products that reach 100 million consumers spanning mobile and PC platforms. Gameview’s titles include the Tap Fish and Tap Ranch franchises, Tap Birds, Tap Town, Tap Mall and Titans vs Olympians. Gameview Studios is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit

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